Six-year embezzlement scheme uncovered by AP audit

When hired, employees are put in a position of trust by their supervisors and companies. Unfortunately, there are times when that trust is compromised and staff members make the decision to steal from their employers. This is exactly what happened to a doctor in Rhode Island who discovered that one of his workers had embezzled from the practice.

Stephen Marano served as a bookkeeper for a neurologist in Johnston, Rhode Island, but was fired after an accounts payable audit revealed he had stolen more than $650,000 from the business over a period of six years, reports the Providence Journal. He was subsequently arrested and is currently facing charges of embezzlement and forgery.

According to The Associated Press, investigators allege that Marano opened an unauthorized checking account under the physician's name. He would divert insurance payments to the account and then write checks to himself or make them out to cash. After the doctor noticed several financial discrepancies within the business' records, authorities were notified and an investigation was launched. The accounts payable audit found that Marano had embezzled a total of $650,430, notes the news source.

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