Serial embezzler tripped up by AP audit

A recent accounts payable audit revealed that a former employee of South Kent, Connecticut-based Bull's Bridge Golf Club had allegedly embezzled nearly $22,000 between April and November of last year.

The New Milford Police Department began investigating Wilmot after the club's manager picked up on some financial inconsistencies, according to the Housatonic Times. Wilmot, who was employed as the club's financial controller, was found to have facilitated four fraudulent transactions that involved diverting $14,443 in funds into her personal bank account. She agreed to pay restitution, but evidence of further embezzlement was subsequently uncovered by a forensic AP audit, including more than $4,000 from a petty cash account used to tip the club's caddies.

Wilmot covered her tracks by deleting and making alterations to checks, the news source reports. What's more, the incident involving Bull's Bridge wasn't the first time she'd been involved in an embezzlement scheme. Seven years before she began working for the golf club, Wilmot was sentenced to three years in prison for misappropriating more than $127,000 from a local school, which she allegedly put toward remodeling her home.

According to a Danbury News-Times article from 2004, the Superior Court judge who sentenced Wilmot for the school embezzlement compared her to Martha Stewart, whose own white-collar crime was in the news at the time.

Earlier this year, Wilmot pleaded guilty in federal court to failing to report as income more than $220,000 that she embezzled while employed as a bookkeeper for software company Amkai Solutions in 2008 and 2009 – prior to taking a job at the golf club – the New Milford Spectrum reports.

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