Recovery audit shows gain for village of Bath

A recovery audit conducted for the village of Bath, New York, has revealed it recovered more than half of the money it overpaid to employees back in 2010.

According to the Steuben Courier, Bath has gained back 56 percent of the original $55,855 that was overpaid. Also, the recent audit reports that the misuse of funds and overpayments, which attributed to the loss of money, has been resolved.

In 2010, an accounts payable audit found that three village employees purposely overpaid themselves in extra wages, reports The Evening Tribune. Bath Electric Gas and Water Systems director Matt Benesh, and his assistant, Susan Daniels, collected a total of $34,000, while village clerk Kelly Guthrie received $11,544, according to the report released by the comptroller's office.

The Courier states that Daniels has paid back $8,098 of the stolen funds, and Benesh has given back $16,473. Guthrie pleaded guilty in January 2011 to reduced charges, and she has made full restitution.

The original audit made 27 recommendations to Bath as to how it could implement stronger checks and balances to prevent lost funds from occurring in the future, states the Courier. The recent follow-up audit found that 21 measures have been taken into practice, but as of right now, not enough time has passed to determine whether or not the suggestions will be effective.

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