Recovery audit implicates former village treasurer

Ohio Auditor Dave Yost recently announced the results of a recovery audit that investigated the village of Utica's financial operations, according to the Newark Advocate.

The recovery audit was conducted in response to a 2008-2009 accounts payable audit that revealed 40 unsupported expenditures including credit card charges to golf courses, a department store, as well as nine instances of "noncompliance, material weakness or significant deficiency."

William Dunlap, former Utica clerk-treasurer, was implicated in the recovery audit as owing nearly $39,000. In addition to using the village's credit card for unapproved purchases, Dunlap also deposited village checks into his personal account.

Utica mayor Larry Friesel says the village has worked to implement Yost's recommendations and established an improved system of checks and balances since Dunlap's embezzlement was discovered.

"This is shocking to all of us," Friesel said of the Dunlap's actions. "We've had a period of time to understand it, and we've cooperated with (the state auditor) 1,000 percent."

Conducting regular AP audits can help organizations ensure that funds are being managed correctly and identify instances of deliberate and accidental misappropriation. 

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