Recovery audit finds no evidence of misappropriation in embezzlement case

Doubts have been raised about the validity of a Buffalo, New York, city employee's claim of embezzling approximately $30,000 in municipal and federal funds, the Alexandria Times reports.

Timothy Wanamaker pleaded guilty to misappropriating the money between 2004 and 2008. However, internal accounts payable audits and recovery audits conducted by Alexandria City Hall "did not discover any internal financial problems or issues," said city spokesman Tony Castrilli, as quoted by the news source.

According to officials, a series of checks and balances – such as the oversight of the finance department when it came to approving transactions – would have prevented any misappropriation from occurring. However, Wanamaker may have found a way to conduct the scheme without triggering suspicions.

"The lack of current evidence with regard to the misappropriation of city assets does not eliminate the possibility that Mr. Wanamaker might have misappropriated city assets in as of yet, (an) undisclosed manner," the internal report found, as quoted by the news source.

When paired with regular AP audits, establishing strong checks and balances can help reduce the likelihood of embezzlement from a company or organization.

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