Police reopen 2009 embezzlement case flagged by AP audit

The parent-teacher organization (PTO) of a Radnor, Pennsylvania, elementary school is being audited after an embezzlement case was reopened, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The Delaware County District Attorney's Office is conducting a recovery audit on Radnor Elementary School PTO's financial records after 2009 allegations that $40,000 that was misappropriated from the group recently resurfaced.

The embezzlement was discovered by a routine accounts payable audit. It occurred when cash and checks from a fundraising event failed to be deposited into the organization's account, according to the news source.

In June 2009, the PTO informed the Radnor Township Police Department that it had come to an agreement with the perpetrator. According to the PTO's letter, the board voted to accept reimbursement from its insurer and was not interested in prosecuting.

"No-one from the PTO board was willing to come forward officially and make a formal statement … so we suspended the investigation," detective sergeant Andy Block of the RTPD told the Philly Post.

However, a spate of recent anonymous emails encouraged police to revisit the matter.

The Post notes that a member of another Radnor PTO pleaded guilty to embezzling nearly $55,000 in 1997. 

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