Plant manager sentenced after AP audit uncovers embezzlement

The former manager of a Chillicothe, Missouri, plastics plant was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison after an accounts payable audit revealed she had embezzled more than $387,000 over a period of eight years, the St. Joseph News-Press reports.

Candace McLuckie was found to have routinely made improper payroll payments into a personal account she jointly owned with her daughter. According to a company statement, she put a considerable amount of effort into hiding the misappropriation.

"In an effort to disguise these actions, changes were made to employee master files to create checks and subsequently changed again for W-2 purposes," court records noted, as quoted by the news source.

A review of McLuckie's bank account found she had put the majority of the money toward personal expenses over the years, as no lump sum was present.

If a proper system of checks and balances is not in place, it's easier for employees who handle a company's financial dealings to alter records without being detected. In conjunction with infrequent or nonexistent accounts payable audits, this can heighten an organization's risk of embezzlement.

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