Pennsylvania county to elect first controller

Residents of Adams County in southern Pennsylvania are getting ready to elect a controller in preparation for its upgrade to a fifth-class county next year, according to the Gettysburg Times.

The controller will replace the county's three elected auditors and take over disbursements duties, as well as carry out other operations such as accounts payable audits and recovery audits.

"We're responsible for all accounts payable," Chuck Witmer, controller for Centre County, explained to the news source. "We have an auditor on staff who audits the district justices, the sheriff’s office, treasurer’s office, probation departments, (and) also conduct the required external audit of the county every year."

Centre County also offers a waste, fraud and abuse hotline managed by Witmer's office. He explained to the newspaper that the vast majority of calls received turn out to be false alarms, but the existence of the hotline offers another layer of accountability to ensure that accounts are being managed appropriately.

Voters in Adams County will elect their first controller in November, according to the Evening Sun. 

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