Pastor’s embezzlement scheme results in restitution

In most cases, people found guilty of embezzlement are sentenced to serve time in prison, the length of which is usually determined by how much they stole. However, one man in Fluvanna, Virginia, can consider himself lucky, as he is only being forced to pay back the money he took from a church in restitution.

According to WVIR-TV, Wilbert Brassfield served as the pastor for the Praise Christian Fellowship Church in Fluvanna for two years. After several instances of misappropriation were discovered within the organization's financial records, an accounts payable audit was conducted and it was revealed that Brassfield had been stealing money during the two-year period. In all, he managed to swipe more than $10,000 from the church's coffers, which he spent on a variety of personal purchases.

Brassfield, who is a former police officer, embezzled the funds by writing himself checks from the organization's accounts, as he had the authority to issue checks to anyone, reports The Daily Progress. After all of the evidence was revealed, a jury found Brassfield guilty of three counts of felony embezzlement. However, instead of jail time, Brassfield has been ordered to pay back the full amount in restitution to the church.

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