Oklahoma medical facility under investigation after fraud reported

Managing payroll is a difficult job, and it becomes more challenging when the question of fraud arises. Although checks and balances are often put in place to prevent one individual from gaining ultimate authority over an organization's funds, the Claremore Daily Progress reported that a medical facility in Oologah Talala, Okla. is facing an investigation regarding inconsistencies in a recent AP audit.

According to the source, $13,215 was paid to an unnamed employee in overtime. The audit revealed the same individual, who was also responsible for overseeing the funds of the Oologah Talala Emergency Medical Service (OTEMS), is being accused of committing the crime. Kelly Deal, director of operations for the organization, claimed that he was completely unaware of the fraudulent actions of his subordinate and that OTEMS operates under an honor system.

KJRH reported that no formal method of recording hours was utilized, which made it difficult for an accurate account of the fraud to be measured. The source reported, however, that the Assistant Director of the district, Brandi Pond, noticed that something was strange about the employee's paycheck – which listed 29 hours of work performed in one day.

"The minute we were aware of any issues we did take care of that," Pond told the news provider.

OTEMS is working hard to build transparency into its operations. In addition to being more diligent about monitoring the activity of its employees, the source reported that the company has since deployed new methods for regulating payroll within the organization.

One option that the administrators of OTEMS can consider is accounts payable software. With this strategy, the organization is connected to a program that will make it easier for employees who work with funds to perform their tasks without the threat of fraud.

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