New Mexico university investigates potential embezzlement of student funds

Where student money is concerned, it's important that the caretakers of these funds are trustworthy, capable of representing a school positively and respectful of the importance of such a role. Additionally, as most public schools endow students themselves with these tasks in a student-run governing body, the elected officials are responsible for the money of their peers. According to Above The Law, the University of New Mexico is undergoing an accounts payable audit in order to discover what happened to $11,000 of Student Bar Association (SBA) funds.

The source reported that the school was slow to notice the suspicious transactions, such as trips to a spa and off-campus alcohol purchases, that are believed to equal the missing amount. Additionally, because the student-run government regularly utilizes its budget to support campus events, the existence of an off-campus bank account was inconspicuous – until large sums of money began to disappear. 

The Albuquerque Journal reported that the university is looking into this case, internally. According to the source, campus police are working with school officials to investigate the SBA in partnership with the campus Internal Audit Department. The disbursement of funds was done through cash withdrawals, which are typically used to purchase items for student use.

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