New fraud screening software makes e-commerce safer

E-commerce has become standard in consumer business, and as the Internet continues to evolve, so too do the platforms used to process payments. Institutions that are responsible for forwarding digital money are especially cautious of the Web because, according to Quartz, it is these organizations that are first at fault if some sort of fraud is committed

In order to prevent different varieties of embezzlement, for instance, the news provider reported that audit solutions providers are turning their attention to the source: the websites that process payments. As Internet users, we are constantly leaving data behind as we browse. According to 4-Traders, Signifyd is launching a new technology that seeks to preempt fraud through this digital trail by tracking users through their online presences. 

By utilizing this new method of authentication, the company hopes to make an authoritative connection between the owner of the card and the committed transaction. According to the source, the successful integration of this screening software could help boost businesses' penetration into new markets by 15 percent. 

As the Internet strengthens the online marketplace with new innovations in consumerism, it is important that businesses protect themselves with AP solutions such as this one. 

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