Multiple businesses impacted by embezzlement scheme

When one company falls victim to embezzlement, there are always devastating impacts. When it happens to several businesses, the damage is more widespread and affects multiple people. One woman in Auburn, New York, is being accused of stealing money from many firms in the area.

According to the Auburn Citizen, Brenda Kayn is facing a variety of charges, including six felony counts of embezzlement and two counts of first-degree identity theft. An accounts payable audit was launched after a business where Kayn had served as treasurer reported several financial irregularities within its records. The company accused Kayn, who was a New York state certified public accountant, of writing checks from its accounts to herself and cashing them. The news source writes that Kayn has been providing information to police and complying to all restrictions.

Unfortunately, the initial business that reported evidence of misappropriation was not the only company Kayn had embezzled from. The Post-Standard writes that she had also managed to steal funds from at least four other firms. The investigation is still ongoing and authorities believe there could be other victims impacted by Kayn's embezzlement scheme.

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