Man charged in Medicare embezzlement scheme

It's difficult to know where fraud will come from, but advances in accounts payable solutions are making it easier to track down the source. In most cases, embezzlement is a result of an internal source or a trusted service, as it did in a case recently reported by Your Houston News. According to the source, Donald Gibson of Sugar Land, Texas, was convicted of conspiracy to commit health care fraud for levying false diagnostic testing and physical therapy charges to the Medicare company.

Following the conviction, Gibson is expected to proffer a restitution of $6,943,478.87 for his crimes. The source reported that the accused filed fake claims with Medicare and was subsequently repaid as part of its health care policy. According to Real Business, these schemes are becoming more commonplace. As a result of the increased frequency of accounts payable crimes, evolving methods of counteracting this type of fraud are being leveraged by companies that deal directly with the distribution of funds. 

Businesses can benefit from leveraging AP audit solutions to prevent instances like the above story from happening.

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