Maine sees rise in embezzlement cases statewide

The state of Maine has seen a sharp increase in the number of embezzlement cases recently, as many businesses and organizations have reported situations of theft by employees.

According to the Sun Journal, in 2011, there were 56 instances of embezzlement, many of which were uncovered by accounts payable audits. The significant rise was surprising to authorities, as in the years before there were only a handful of cases reported annually. Financial institutions, lawyers offices, municipalities and libraries have all fallen victim to the illegal activity. While there is not one main reason as to why embezzlement has become more rampant in the northern state, investigators believe more people are getting caught in their schemes, as before they mostly went undetected, states the news source.

In one such case, Jill Hansen, a former employee of the U.S. Post Office in Augusta, was sentenced to 30 days in jail for embezzling $6,500, reports the Portland Press Herald. Hansen was found guilty of stealing money from the postal office by voiding customer purchases of stamps and other supplies, and then keeping the money for herself to pay for gas and household items.

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