Louisiana woman arrested on suspicion of embezzlement

In every organization, funds are limited to some degree. Even in the most profitable operation, there is a point at which money will run out if accounts are mismanaged. For those that are not for profit, it is especially critical that financial abuse does not occur. Using audit solutions can help protect against misappropriation by deterring crime and ensuring records are accurate at all times.

According to the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office, a Violet, Louisiana, woman was recently accused of embezzling more than $100,000 from the Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church. Trinette Johnson served as a secretary and account executive at the church. The statement noted that an audit revealed discrepancies in the organization’s financial records and showed that the theft began in 2006.

The Times-Picayune added that Johnson, told the news provider that he has looked over her work and found everything to be in order.

The source explained that in the wake of the audit that uncovered the misappropriations, 33 members of the Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church signed a letter requesting that criminal charges be pursued. Johnson surrendered herself to the local jail in mid-April, but is currently free on bail.

Wherever there are financial accounts to be maintained, there are benefits to be gained from keeping careful watch over operations with the help of technological solutions. Once missing money has been detected, companies can even implement a recovery audit to determine how much was lost and how they can get some of it back. But if none of these measures are implemented, it is likely that the cash will disappear for good.

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