Kansas woman sentenced to three years in $800K embezzlement case

Solomon, Kansas, resident Pamela Emig will serve three years behind bars after pleading guilty to embezzling $817,000 from the credit union where she formerly worked. The illegal activity was discovered by an accounts payable audit, The Associated Press reports.

Emig claimed desperate times were the cause of her crime, as she and her husband’s bankruptcy claim made them unable to provide their livestock with food. According to the source, Emig was pushed to embezzle money from the credit union because her family’s bankruptcy status would not allow for a loan, and without the money her cattle would die off.

Her attorney wrote to the Associated Press that Emig had been good with money before financial problems struck the family business within the last decade, and that she was driven to commit her crime after she could no longer deal with the thought of such a loss.

Emig deposited false checks to her own account while working as a manager at the Enterprise Credit Union, according to the Associated Press. She conducted the illegal operation, for at least six years.

While another woman involved, Deborah Bomia, will be sentenced with a significantly less harsh punishment for working with Emig to cushion her own checking account, the Associated Press notes she is being judged on stealing $85,000 – a fraction of the nearly $1 million Emig took between 2005 and 2011. 

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