Kansas city audit reveals duplicate payment risk

An accounts payable audit of the city of Clay Center, Kansas, uncovered a risk of duplicate payments in cases when statements are used rather than invoices, according to the Clay Center Dispatch.

The auditor – Brian Nyp of locally-based firm Lowenthal, Webb and Odermann – found that although the city typically uses invoices to make payments, statements sometimes take their place in the event of the loss of a receipt. Auditors recommended a notation be made that a receipt has been misplaced when paying from statements, the news source reports.

Additionally, the AP audit found that while making payments using manual checks between council meetings is permitted, the system of logging the checks using electronic software is not up to par, and improvements were recommended.

City clerk Calvin Wohler was also found to have occasionally applied incoming funds directly towards a payable, which has since been addressed, according to the news source.

Annual external accounts payable audits can allow organizations to get a more objective view of their finances compared to an internal audit. However, it is still necessary to carry out regular internal audits several times a year in order to identify any lapsed processes or funding misappropriation. 

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