Husband found guilty in connection with wife’s $825,000 embezzlement

Thomas Hutchens of Blue Springs, Missouri, was found guilty and sentenced to 46 months in prison due to his involvement with his wife's embezzlement from their former employer, Richardson Hauling, Inc.

Shanna Hutchens was convicted and sentenced to 46 months in federal prison in late 2010 for embezzling $824,394 from the company. An accounts payable audit and investigation revealed that she had forged company checks in order to deposit them into her and her husband's bank accounts. In total, she fraudulently created 242 checks during her time as Richardson Hauling's bookkeeper from September 2004 to October 2008.

According to Kansas City Business Journal, Thomas Hutchens was found guilty of seven counts of money laundering. One of the accounts that the stolen funds were deposited into was in his name, and he made purchases with the embezzled funds from that account. As a result, he was found equally guilty and given the same sentence as his wife, reports the news source.

The Hutchens purchased a variety of items with the funds, including a new house, new automobiles, cruises and home renovations. They even continued to spend the money after being caught by selling some of the items and not using that money toward restitution.

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