How the evolution of hacking could be targeting common appliances

Advances in the digital age have presented new threats to online payments as hackers continue to develop nefarious means to part individuals with their money. According to USAToday, the efforts of cybercriminals recently surged as new ways to hack into accounts through seemingly unrelated appliances have increased. 

Anything that can be optimized through Internet connectivity is now a hazard, according to the source. Devices such as baby monitors, climate control applications, and webcams are now portals into the accounts of victims. Because several of these convenient methods of connectivity are also optimized with direct access to the user's IP address, sensitive data, like credit card information, is easily retrievable with the use of malicious code. 

CSO reported that the reason this is possible is due to the hacker's ability to read through a device's memory via access to the IP address. From there, it is relatively simple for cyber criminals to sift through information until they've uncovered what they're looking for. 

In order to protect themselves against this threat, it is important that individuals consider leveraging an audit solution

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