Group home organization under investigation after AP audit

Humanidad, an organization which oversees four group homes for developmentally disabled adults in Hartford, Connecticut, is currently undergoing a financial investigation after an accounts payable audit found discrepancies in its records.

According to The Hartford Courant, Humanidad homes receive approximately $2 million per year in public funds from the state's Department of Development Services (DDS) to cover costs for providing care for residents. The AP audit discovered that some staff members had charged clients for transportation and food expenses. However, these costs are already paid for with the money Humanidad gets from the DDS. Additionally, a lack of financial documentation was also revealed, as some residents' accounts had been used to withdraw nearly $7,000 but there was no evidence as to what the funds were used for.

The audit results stated that it was difficult to determine if expenses seen in financial records were actually used for services provided by the group homes, reports the news source.

The Courant reported earlier that there had been complaints of resident neglect by staff members at Humanidad's facilities. Evidence of the activity was logged with the police department and is also being investigated.

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