Goodwill embezzlement uncovered by accounts payable audit

An ex-employee of Goodwill Industries in New Mexico was arrested and has pleaded guilty to charges of embezzlement after an accounts payable audit found that he had stolen more than $83,000 from the organization.

According to Courthouse News Service, Francis Carrillo, who worked for the New Mexico Goodwill as its deputy director of Community Programs, pleaded guilty to the charges against him, which include theft concerning programs receiving federal funds and theft of government property. Carrillo is accused of stealing from two programs, the Supportive Housing Program and the Senior Community Service Employment Program, both of which are administrated by Goodwill and are given funds from the federal government.

Prosecutors allege that Carrillo managed to steal approximately $83,320 from the Goodwill organization by writing fraudulent checks from the organization's accounts to individuals that he knew. He would then have the payee cash the check and give him the money or the person would endorse the check over the Carrillo and he would cash it himself. The AP audit found that approximately 130 checks had been created illegally during Carrillo's scheme, which lasted from 2008 to 2010.

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