GAO report reveals numerous weaknesses in Navy, Marine accounts

A recent report from the Government Accountability Office revealed $22 billion in payment disbursement and collection errors within the Navy and Marine Corps financial and accounting systems.

The errors – which likely included duplicate payments – were exacerbated by the fact that the systems are falling short when it comes to adequately performing basic accounting and financial operations, exposing the military budget to waste and fraud.

"It is not surprising that the Navy and the Marine Corps are far from being audit-ready," said Delaware Democrat Tom Carper, one of the senators who requested the report.

The Department of Defense is aiming to be audit-ready by 2017, in accordance with a congressional mandate.

The report recommended improved testing of the Navy and Marines' accounting systems, in addition to the development of an operating procedure to better deal with discrepancies. According to The Hill, the Pentagon supported the suggestions but maintained that an accounts payable audit of the Marines' books accounted for all balances. 

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