Former office manager accused of million dollar embezzlement

Employees who handle company financial processes are placed in a position of high trust. Unfortunately, that confidence can become compromised if staff members steal or lie to their supervisors. One worker in Midland, Texas, made the decision to break the trust of her bosses after it was discovered she stole almost $1 million from her employer.

The Associated Press reports that Dora Thea Arreguy, who served as an office manager for an unnamed company, stole funds from the business' accounts over a 16 year period. After an accounts payable audit revealed the illegal activity, Arreguy was arrested and charged with bank fraud and aggravated identity theft. She has pleaded guilty to these charges and could face more than 30 years in prison, the news source states.

Arreguy embezzled the money from her employer by writing herself additional, unauthorized paychecks from the company's payroll accounts, according to My West Texas. She was given signatory authority with her position, but payroll checks required a second signature, which she forged. Investigators states the Arreguy covered up her scheme by altering the payroll records of other employees so that it looked as though they had earned the money that actually went to her. 

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