Former administrative assistant embezzled funds from tribal organization, AP audit finds

The ex-administrative assistant of the Littlewater Chapter House of the Navajo Nation in New Mexico has plead guilty to embezzlement and theft charges asserted by the Indian tribal organization.

Shavna April Bebo was indicted for the charges in January, which accuse her of embezzling approximately $38,998.37 of the company's funds. She was terminated from her position in August 2010 when her employer discovered her activity. A subsequent investigation and accounts payable audit by the police department revealed the money had been stolen.

Bebo allegedly forged a total of 51 unauthorized checks to herself from the Littlewater Chapter House business account, which she then cashed and spent on personal expenses. Bebo plead guilty in federal court and will face a maximum five years in prison, five years of supervised release and a $250,000 fine at her sentencing hearing, which has not been scheduled.

The Littlewater Chapter of the Navajo Nation is a community located right outside of Crownpoint, New Mexico, with approximately 2,000 residents. According to the organization's website, the Chapter House offers monthly meetings and events aimed at keeping citizens informed, and uses alternative funding to provide its members with valuable resources.

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