Fire department treasurer charged in $75K embezzlement

An AP audit has found that a fire department treasurer in New Jersey allegedly stole $75,000 from the local office for over two years.

Lisa Ayers was given full access to the Mine Hill Fire Department's financial resources as treasurer, sources report. The Daily Record said she took $75,000 meant for the public branch's expenses between November 2010 and January 2012 by writing checks to herself approved for cash and using those funds for personal payments. The Star-Ledger claimed a great deal of the money went to auto loans and her home mortgage.

Sam Morris, mayor of Mine Hill, has urged others to remember Ayers has only been accused of the crime, not sentenced, and said that despite the embezzlement charges, she has been a positive resident of the town.

"Lisa has been a good member of the community and a good volunteer for a long time," he told the Daily Record.

The source reported the accounts payable audit showed Ayers wrote fire department checks to pay her debts and did not use a private account to mediate the fund transfers.

Ayers' charges will be reviewed by a grand jury, according to the sources, and she could receive a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

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