Ex-office manager pleads guilty to $1.3 million embezzlement

An accounts payable audit revealed an embezzlement scheme that took place over three years by the former office manager of an accounting firm in Westport, Connecticut. The defendant has pled guilty to the charges against her and is awaiting sentencing later this year.

Soozi Folsom managed to steal $1.3 million dollars from three charitable organizations that were represented by the accounting firm she worked for. Prosecutors allege that Folsom was able to embezzle the funds by writing fraudulent checks from the foundations' accounts and forging the signatures of authorized individuals. She made 124 checks out to Groundhog, LLC, the company that owns the Westport restaurant that she operated at the time. Folsom then spent the stolen money on personal purchases. The AP audit found that she covered up the illegal activity by entering false information into the bookkeeping systems used by the accounting firm to manage the foundations' accounts.

When confronted about the embezzlement, Folsom immediately admitted the theft to authorities and even provided them with statements and financial records to show the misappropriation, reports Westport Now. She faces up to 51 months in prison along with fines and the requirement to pay back the stolen amount in restitution.

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