Ex-director faces federal charges for embezzlement

The former director of a housing authority organization in Homer, Louisiana, has been arrested and charged with federal embezzlement and conspiracy. An accounts payable audit revealed she, along with five accomplices, conducted a scheme to steal from her employer.

Michelle Green, who served as the director for the Homer Housing Authority, and four of the accomplices were arrested after it was discovered that more than $300,000 had been taken from the company. In her role as director, Green was responsible for making out checks for contractor work and employee pay, as well as submitting invoices. Investigators allege that she abused these duties by cashing fraudulent checks – many of which were made out to the accomplices – and using the cash to pay for personal expenses. All defendants have been indicted, and all but one of the accomplices have been arrested, along with Green. 

According to the organization's website, the Homer Housing Authority provides affordable housing for low income residents in the region. Deductions are offered for elderly individuals and families with children, as well as citizens who have special medical needs.

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