Ex-bookkeeper embezzled nearly $90,000 from employer

The former bookkeeper for the Monroe County Road Commission in Michigan has been arrested and charged with embezzling nearly $90,000 after an accounts payable audit revealed the illegal activity.

JoAnne Aichler, who worked for the department for 23 years, is facing one count of embezzlement over $50,000 by a public official, according to The Associated Press. She could be sentenced up to 10 years in prison. The source states that Aichler was fired from her position after the theft was discovered, and an AP audit was subsequently conducted to determine the actual amount of funds that were stolen.

The Monroe Evening News reports that Aichler managed to embezzle the money by stealing amounts of approximately several hundred dollars at a time over a period of perhaps more than 15 years. The smaller increments are one reason why the scheme when undetected for a long time, investigators allege. Aichler embezzled the money from the department's accounts and used the funds to pay for personal expenses, the newspaper reports.

Businesses and organizations can use accounts payable audits and recovery audits to determine the extent of any issues involving financial noncompliance or misappropriation.

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