Embezzlement scheme uncovered by AP audit leads to prison sentence

A former employee of a credit union in Seward, Nebraska, has been sentenced to more than three years in prison for her involvement in an embezzlement scheme in which she stole approximately $636,000 from her employer.

According to The Associated Press, Crystal Lankford worked for the H.B.E. Credit Union as a manager and treasurer. An AP audit revealed that between April 2006 and September 2011, Lankford wrote checks from her employer's accounts to both herself and her husband. After evidence of misappropriation was uncovered, Lankford quit her job. After she left, authorities discovered that the credit union's account was almost depleted of all of its funds due to Lankford's theft, the news source states.

In all, Lankford embezzled approximately $633,998 from her employer, and she spent it on a variety of personal purchases, reports the Lincoln Journal Star. The news source writes that when Lankford began working at the credit union, there was a $1 million surplus. However, when she left in October 2011, there was only $27 left in the account along with $50,000 in overdraft fees.

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