Embezzlement from city uncovered after AP audit

More than $420,000 was discovered to have been stolen from the city of Gridley, California, after an accounts payable audit was conducted by investigators looking into its financial records.

The Chico Enterprise Record reports four people have been charged with the theft, which was led by a former employer of the city, Gloria Gonzalez. Also included in the embezzlement scheme were Gonzalez's two daughters, Miranda and Bianca, along with Jose Ramirez, Bianca's boyfriend. Gonzalez is accused of stealing from a health-savings reimbursement account belonging to Gridley. The three other defendants were charged due to the fact that part of the embezzled funds were deposited into accounts listed under their names, states the news source.

Gonzalez, the only defendant currently in jail, is also charged with cashing checks from the city's accounts that were not issued to her. The source reported that Gonzalez earlier had to undergo evaluation by several doctors to determine whether or not she was able to stand trial, but was ultimately deemed fit by health professionals. The judge raised the amount of Gonzalez's bail after doctors found she had been faking symptoms, states a separate article from the Record.

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