Embezzlement by West Wyoming police officers uncovered by AP audit

Two police chiefs in West Wyoming, Pennsylvania, are facing felony theft charges after an AP audit and investigation discovered the men had stolen more than $40,000 from the borough.

Stanley Sipko, the current police chief of the West Wyoming borough, and David Gashi, the former police chief, are accused of embezzling $41,449 in taxpayer funds by giving themselves duplicate payments through payroll checks and an inflated pension for Gashi. Investigators allege Gashi received nine extra checks totaling approximately $13,700, and he also accepted another $14,760 in inflated pension payments since his retirement in December 2008. Sipko, who has been placed on administrative leave since the investigation, received around $12,991 in duplicate paychecks throughout the scheme.

Investigators also state that both men were helped by a former employee of the police organization. Tom Loftus served as the borough's business manager and was also speculated to have been involved in the embezzlement by accepting kickbacks from the police chiefs extra payments. Loftus was terminated from his position in November 2009 after evidence was found of his participation, but was not charged since he passed away a month later.

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