Embezzlement by Shriner treasurer uncovered after AP audit

Jeffrey Petek, the ex-volunteer treasurer of Algeria Shrine in Montana, is accused of stealing more than $23,000 from the organization.

The Associated Press reports that during a routine accounts payable audit, the Algeria Temple discovered the missing money from its checking accounts and confronted Petek. He immediately confessed to the illegal activity during his time as treasurer, and said he would begin efforts to pay back the stolen amount, although authorities say he still owes approximately $22,000, states the news source.

According to the Independent Record, Petek wrote checks from the Shriners' account to BlueStone Development, which is a printing company that he owns. Investigators say Petek allegedly embezzled $23,052, and a further amount of $2,995 is described as suspicious transactions. The checking account that he stole from was one which was used for fundraising programs by the local Shriners organization. The newspaper reports that Shriners officials believe that if Petek fails to pay back the full amount, insurance funds will be able to cover the lost money.

Ted Leckner, a noble in the Algeria group, told the Record that Petek has been released from the organization. He also said that while Petek was a member before the theft was discovered, he was consistently behind on dues and payments to the organization.

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