Embezzlement by former police chief leads to felony charges

The ex-police chief of Carthage, North Carolina, has been charged with felony embezzlement after it was discovered that he used the town's credit card to pay for personal expenses.

According to WRAL-TV, Chris McKenzie was indicted by a grand jury for embezzlement, and resigned from his position in 2011 after the illegal activity was revealed. After he left the police department, the city of Carthage conducted an accounts payable audit, but found there had been no further instances of misappropriation. In an unrelated case, his wife, Allison McKenzie, has also been charged with similar counts. She is accused of stealing more than $350,000 from the dentist's office where she worked for many years, states the news source.

In May and July of last year, investigators allege that McKenzie used Carthage's credit card to buy unauthorized personal goods, reports The Pilot. He is accused of taking a city gasoline key in order to fill the gas tanks for his personal vehicles. As for his wife, she is charged with collecting cash payments from the patients of her former employer and failing to deposit the amounts, instead using the money to purchase personal items.

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