Embarrassment surrounding embezzlement thwarts protection efforts

The number one way to avoid embezzlement is to take preventative steps. However, the emotional aspects of internal theft may be one reason that many business leaders don't implement the proper financial controls to stop these crimes before they start.

According to the Times-Standard, many companies simply avoid talking about embezzlement. The source noted that staying silent about these issues can be damaging for enterprises, and the stigma surrounding misappropriation may not be justified, as it is to take money from the organization's accounts in an act of desperation. When those actions go unnoticed, they continue to use these resources to solve their problems.

Additionally, some leaders believe embezzlement can't happen to them, so they are shocked and ashamed when it does. The source advised that company owners must view having strong internal controls, such as using audit solutions, as essential, as this can reduce the likelihood of these crimes. 

Medscape Today pointed out that embarrassment often prevents organizations from prosecuting embezzlement. They believe if the incidents are made public, their reputation may suffer. It's important that enterprises realize there is no shame in experiencing employee theft, as these feelings can actually make it harder to stop these crimes.

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