Duplicate payments, lack of documentation found in Broward County AP audit

Broward County auditor Evan Lukic notified county officials of the lack of documentation, duplicate payments and no oversight of how taxpayers money was spent, according to The Sun Sentinel.

Lukic is still conducting an accounts payable audit for the county, but decided to alert officials before it was completed, reports the newspaper. Some of the findings include missing or incomplete paperwork for paid checks and disregarding policies and procedures.

While the final report will be released soon, Lukic said he might not be able to determine how many unnecessary bills were paid, says The Sentinel. One cause of the problem could be the fact that the county downsized its workforce over the past few years, which led employees to take shortcuts when it came to paying out money.

According to The Miami Herald, the outside auditor, Crowe Horwath LLP, found problems with finances in 2010 when the county had to give back grant money to the state of Florida because of improper documentation of payments. The firm said a shortage of key resources led to the issue, states the news source.

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