Credit union employee pleads guilty after AP audit identifies embezzlement

A former credit union employee recently pleaded guilty to embezzlement after an accounts payable audit found she had modified loans to misappropriate money, according to The Roanoke Times.

The AP audit was conducted after discrepancies were spotted by a colleague at Freedom First Credit Union. Catherine Keith reportedly used the money – which was siphoned from loans held by relatives and a friend – to fund vehicle purchases and trips to football games.

Assistant Commonwealth attorney Betty Jo Anthony told the news source that Keith had account notifications sent to her instead of the borrowers in order to cover her activities, and estimated that at least $36,000 had been taken.

"Her mother had an overdraft loan authorized for $100. As of the audit, it was up to $9,000," Anthony said, as quoted by the news source. Loans belonging to Keith's father-in-law and a friend were also compromised.

The Cave Spring Elementary School PTA in Roanoke County also fell victim to embezzlement, according to a separate article by the news source. Melissa Brown Neal – who served as the group's treasurer during the 2009-2010 school year – was recently sentenced to 180 days in jail for the crime.  

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