Connecticut woman sentenced to nearly four years in prison following embezzlement

Embezzlement is rarely a crime perpetrated by seasoned criminals. Instead, most cases involve individuals who found themselves in unexpected situations while working at companies with poor financial controls. For this reason, it's essential that all businesses use LLC, a firm she owned.

The Westport News pointed out Folsom turned to embezzlement in the wake of the recession and strife with her family.

"She was in severe economic stress that followed the economic downturn in 2008," said William Westcott, Folsom's lawyer, according to the source. "She made a terribly desperate decision to misappropriate funds. Like so many people who do that, she'd thought she'd be able to repay the funds. As is usually the case, that was unrealistic. Before she knew it, it got out of control."

Using AP audits is often a strong method for deterring financial crimes within an organization. By eliminating the opportunity to steal, enterprises can protect their operations' and employees' well-being.

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