Company co-founder to serve time in prison for embezzlement scheme

In some cases of embezzlement, it is often revealed that the person carrying out the illegal activity was involved in a similar scheme in the past. Such was the case with the co-founder of a marketing firm in Lincoln, Nebraska, who was found guilty of stealing from the company and has also been accused of embezzling from a former employer several years ago.

Tammy Schomaker, who helped to create Synerg Marketing, has been sentenced to three to five years in prison for her involvement in an embezzlement scheme in which she stole approximately $155,000, according to The Associated Press. Back in 1996, Schomkaer received probation from taking $11,000 from the bank she was working for. For the most recent illegal activity, Schomaker was in charge of all of Synerg's finances, and an accounts payable audit revealed she embezzled funds from the company's accounts and hid the theft by altering accounting records.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that Schomaker's embezzlement was the main reason why Synerg Marketing was forced to close its doors. The AP audit discovered that she used bookkeeping software to write checks to herself, and she entered false information into the system to make it appear as though the payments were being made to creditors, the source notes.

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