Coffee shop hotspots are hotbeds of hacker activity

Although coffee shops are wonderful places to unwind and relax, new threats to account safety persist wherever a free public Wi-Fi hotspot is hosted. According to RealBusiness, a report by Jumio Inc. found that accounts payable fraudsters are creating their own networks with names similar to those of coffee houses, luring customers onto their servers. Once customers are there, it is easy for hackers to infiltrate personal data and collect sensitive bank information.

Despite efforts made by audit solutions, it is difficult to prevent this type of fraud when the cyber assailant has effectively stolen an identity. According to the source, the victim needs to log onto the faulty hotspot in order to become connected to the hacker's machine. Then, the victim's personal account information is easily removed with password cryptography software, such as Cain and Abel. 

According to LightReading, this method of fraud is preventable, but also on the rise. Unsuspecting victims should determine if their hotspot is safe by first reading reviews. Victims should also help end this kind of malware embezzlement by reporting details of theft immediately. 

Additionally, consumers should consider optimizing their recovery audits in order to better manage their online accounts. By preparing for the worst, victims can often prevent serious damage. 

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