Church embezzlement results in probation time for ex-treasurer

Organizations that do not have large amounts of money at their disposal can be severely impacted from any kind of financial problem. By using accounts payable audits and recovery audits, these entities can determine how much money has been taken and how much they need to recover.

A church in Mount Clemens, Michigan, discovered that its former treasurer had been stealing money from its coffers for an undisclosed period of time. The Morning Sun reports that Helen Gvozdich was found guilty of embezzling from the St. Stevan Decanski Serbiam Orthodox Church and sentenced to serve five years probation. Investigators state that Gvozdich took more than $50,000 during her scheme, all of which she has been ordered to pay back.

Gvozdich pleaded guilty to the charges against her as part of an agreement with prosecutors so she could avoid jail time, according to the Daily Tribune. She could have served up to 15 years in prison otherwise. Although the exact amount stolen is not immediately known, church officials said they have proof that Gvozdich stole approximately $91,000 from its accounts. The organization agreed on a small restitution amount, stating she has a better chance to pay back that total.

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