Bronx Community Pride Center forced to close after embezzlement

After an accounts payable audit revealed its director embezzled $338,000, the Bronx Community Pride Center has shut down operations. The massive theft of these funds proved to be a fatal blow to the organization, as it could no longer afford to keep operations running.

Lisa Winters, who served as the center's director from 2004 to 2010, has been arrested for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from the company. Queerty reports that Winters wrote checks to herself from the organization and used them to make various purchases, including dog walking services, restaurants and an African safari for herself and her spouse. Winters was fired from her position as director in early 2010 after an accounts payable audit discovered she had stolen the funds. However, it was not until recently that she was apprehended for the crime when the Bronx's District Attorney's Office issued a criminal complaint, charging her with falsifying business records and larceny.

The Bronx Community Pride Center stated that it had no choice but to close after it became difficult to keep paying employees and provide services to area residents. The organization considered filing for bankruptcy and merging with another center, but officials ultimately decided to shut down the company, reports DNA Info.

"The organization has debts which exceed revenues at this time, and without significant cash infusions from major donors they are unable to continue operations financially," the center said in a statement.

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