Automated accounting pays dividends during tax season

Tax season can be one of the most frustrating times for any business. Having to manage and organize a year's worth of records can be a daunting task. But the whole process can be made easier with an automated accounts payable system. By doing so, accountants and other financial managers can streamline their efforts, tax payments and other responsibilities.

Automating part of the accounts payable department will also keep a clear record of transactions made over the year. Not only will this help in reporting accurate company expenses, but the technology will also allow a business owner to see the rate at which the company receives payments from clients. Both elements will make a business more profitable in the long run.

"Prompt payment of bills will also make you seem more credible in the eyes of your vendor's service providers," writes Christine Lagorio of Inc. magazine.

While many companies may trust putting their accounts payable departments in an employee's hands, even the most precise accountant can be susceptible to errors. Automating accounts payable will not replace an entire department, especially at large companies, but such a program can simplify a process and relieve a great amount of stress.

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