Audits reveal financial noncompliance in Louisiana city

The town of Jonesboro, Louisiana, was recently accused of financial noncompliance after several examinations – including an accounts payable audit – revealed several possible instances of misappropriation of funds.

According to The News Star, the Louisiana Attorney General's Office filed a suit earlier this summer that examined the town's financial records. Attorney General Buddy Caldwell alleges that several city officials mishandled Jonesboro's finances, which led to a fiscal emergency. Investigators found that there were instances of incorrect account reconciliations, lack of financial documentation and poor record keeping of disbursements. The lawsuit suggests that an independent fiscal administrator be hired in order to take control of the town's finances. The news source reports that the 2nd Judicial Court has yet to make a decision.

The mayor of Jonesboro, Leslie Thompson, stated the city has done everything requested by the state's Legislative Auditor, according to The Fount Online News. The Fiscal Review Committee voted in favor of sending a fiscal administrator to the town, as it believed the town could run out of money in the current fiscal year due to the discrepancies found in the audits. However, Jonesboro officials are fighting the judgment, states the news site.

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