AP audit unveils embezzlement by late town clerk

The Colorado town of Marble is reeling after an accounts payable audit discovered that its town clerk had embezzled from it coffers for a period of nearly 18 years. To worsen the problem, the accused employee passed away shortly after the investigation into the theft began, leaving Marble officials without answers.

Karen Mulhall worked for the town of Marble for almost 20 years, but was suspended after the embezzlement evidence was revealed, according to the Post Independent. Mulhall died under what authorities called unknown circumstances shortly after the investigation began. While it was first thought that Mulhall had stolen just over $300,000 from Marble, Mayor Robert Pettijohn believes that she actually took nearly $800,000 during her illegal scheme.

In a separate article, the news source reports that Marble officials were first alerted to the financial misappropriation after Alpine Bank notified the town about several irregularities within their bank accounts and records. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation was brought in to help with the investigation.

While there are still many aspects of the embezzlement that are unclear, the Post Independent states that town officials are in the process of implementing new accounting procedures to recover the funds and also to prevent any similar situations from occurring in the future.

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