AP audit uncovers IDOT’s lax financial controls

A recent accounts payable audit of the Illinois Department of Transportation's expenditures for the last fiscal year identified more than $740,000 in duplicate payments to outside vendors, the Illinois Times reports.

The largest instance was determined to be a $514,000 double payment for a rail improvement project.

IDOT's overtime compensation practices were also called into suspicion after the state's auditor general identified numerous cases of insufficient documentation, including one employee who was awarded 385 hours' worth of overtime pay despite no records to support that the time had actually been worked.

"Failure to implement adequate controls over employee overtime increases the risk that the department will pay for services not rendered by employees or will pay overtime when it is not necessary," wrote Auditor General William Holland in his report, quoted by the news source.

The department was also cited for several instances of poor financial reporting.

In order to address the shortcomings, IDOT will create a task force to issue recommendations for problem solving. It plans to cross-train existing employees in its fiscal operations unit, as well as hire additional workers, the news source reports.

IDOT operates with an annual budget of approximately $5 billion, according to the department's website. 

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