AP audit uncovers fund misappropriation in Indiana county Clerk’s Office

Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller recently filed a civil suit against the LaGrange County clerk after an accounts payable audit revealed several instances of fund misappropriation.

Beverly S. Elliott was found to have failed to transfer more than $6,000 in court fines and fees paid by credit card into the Clerk's Office bank account between September and December of 2008. In December 2009, Elliott used the wrong account to pay an appraisal fee that should have been taken out of a trust fund, leading the recipient to be overpaid by $1,600.

Additionally, a $500 discrepancy between receipts and the Clerk's Office bank account was observed in December 2010, while a $1,300 shortage was identified in office accounts in February of this year.

Funds misappropriated, diverted or unaccounted for are the personal responsibility of the clerk. Because of this, a recovery audit conducted by the State Board of Accounts determined that $8,500 in audit costs should be added to the sum of the discordant funds, resulting in Elliott owing a total of $18,386 to the public treasury.

Elliott faces four felony counts of official misconduct, according to WTHR-TV.

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