AP audit reveals school accountant’s embezzlement

For a school in New Orleans, Louisiana, a routine accounts payable audit uncovered embezzlement activity by an employee working in its accounting department. The investigation is still ongoing and authorities believe there may have been more than one person involved.

According to The Lens, an AP audit revealed that more than $25,000 had been stolen from the Lusher Charter School accounts during the 2010-2011 academic year. Further research revealed that the majority of the illegal activity had been carried out by a senior management employee within the accounting department who had worked at the school for three years. After the theft was discovered, the staff member was fired from her position, and school officials developed and implemented policies to prevent similar situations from occurring in the future.

Investigators revealed that the former employee had stolen $25,000 from the institution by issuing several unauthorized checks from the school's accounts, the news source reports. The worker wrote the checks to herself and forged her supervisor's signature. Fortunately, all of the funds were recovered as the ex-staff member paid back the full amount she embezzled. 

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