AP audit reveals privatization costs for Nebraska child welfare services

The state of Nebraska recently released the results of an investigation into the Department of Health and Human Services' attempts to privatize child welfare services.

Since 2009, child welfare costs in the state have increased by 27 percent due to what state auditor Mike Foley termed "a conspicuous lack of financial accountability."

An accounts payable audit conducted as part of the investigation revealed the department had made numerous duplicate payments to the wrong contractors, misappropriating thousands of dollars.

"There is a growing body of evidence that this reform is failing," Sarah Helvey, director of child welfare for the Nebraska Appleseed Center for Law in the Public Interest, told the state's Health and Human Services Committee, as quoted by the news source.

The results of the AP audit, along with other findings that exposed documentation mismanagement and breaches of contract, have prompted calls for a return to the old system.

Instating a comprehensive system of checks and balances can help organizations of all sizes – from government departments to small businesses – identify irregularities such as duplicate payments that may have a negative effect on their bottom line.  

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