AP audit reveals nearly $300,000 embezzlement

A former office manager has been sentenced to three years in prison after she was convicted of stealing almost $300,000 from Faulkner Trucking Inc., in Central Valley, California.

Stephanie Yost was found guilty of six counts of wire fraud as well as conspiracy to commit wire fraud. Along with her prison sentence, she has been ordered to pay $243,841 in restitution to her former employer. According to the Central Valley Business Times, Yost managed to steal the funds from Faulkner by creating fake invoices for duplicate payments made to herself and eventually two other employees, Vickie Kyle and Dustie Levine.

The news source states that the scheme was uncovered after the company's president, Ron Faulkner, had to examine payroll records due to an unrelated insurance discrepancy. When he looked at the bookkeeping records and discovered the misaapropriation, he turned the findings over to a detective, who then contacted local authorities. An accounts payable audit showed the extent of the embezzlement, leading to Yost's arrest.

At her trial earlier this year, Yost pleaded guilty to the charges against her. Her former co-workers were sentenced to probation and ordered to pay back $37,940 in restitution for their involvement, says the newspaper.

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